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Listen Together 

The project Listen Together (2021) is to create racial dialogue around the neighborhood from Lake Grove. The goal of the project is to make space where artist(s) and the community generate to talk about racial inequity and how the racial trauma impacts individuals and communities of color in the neighborhood. By investigating racial trauma with the artist and the community, the project will reimagine what it means to be racial healing and transformation. Ultimately, the project poses the question—how the project will dismantle systemic racism through the art project? Through workshops, the project will restore the historical trauma and legacy of racism in the United States, generating compassion and empathy to cope with collective voices.

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Architreasure organization and I asked to Lake Grove community to participate the program and share their thoughts on racial inequity living in Chicago. 


5 participants from the Lake Grove Community shared their feeling and thoughts on racial trauma. I facilitate the discussion.I became an active lister, took interview with the community, documented, gathered participants' writing. 



Based on the community engagement, I created art program. It was a meaningful experience for me to create safe space in the public setting. I created envelops recycling drawings from the youth from the Lake Grove community. 


Recognizing trauma would be not easy, but all of the participants opened up their vulnerability

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In the workshop session, we created a pop up card to send a warm message to the young generation. 

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A participant is showing her work that she made in the art workshop.


I am also questioning about what it means to being a women of color livining in the US. I learned so much with feeling of solidarity, sense of empathy, and sense of compassion. Thank you so much for having me Lake grove community, COHD, and Architreasures. 

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I created thank you notes with portraits including an individual quote from the discussion. 

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