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Chicago Mural as Social Infrastructure 

The artist book project, Chicago Murals as Social Infrastructure, investigates how some public murals embody the voices of the community including individual and collective voices that have historically been marginalized. The murals are also an expression of creativity, collective activity, and a sense of belonging in an urban space. These murals assume and have assumed a critical role in revealing aspects of how these communities see themselves and express their identity and history.


The artist books are small scale of zine accordion books. By unfolding the books which contain mural imagery of the text from my writings and texts from the interviews.


The artist books function as a visual archive to contains information of the community murals such as The Wall of Respect (1971), as well as contemporary murals such as Major Taylor Trail (2018). The idea of social infrastructural space which alludes library where another social infrastructure that audience can go to access the information.

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