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Father's Law 

This painting project poses the question: What is the value of appropriation of Robing of the Bride painted by German surrealist artist Max Ernst? How does the painting process of reproduction imply of the power dynamics? How painting method can convey this idea of power dynamics? Lastly, why the implication of symmetry and duality is crucial in this painting project? 


I challenge the division between the male and female gaze by creating a harmonious composition where imagery, symbol and metaphor crash and mutate. Therefore, I could begin to understand this balance, duality, and symmetry.  For example, in my painting Why reproduction? (60 x 72", Oil on Canvas, 2015) there exists the duality of the male and the female. The center of the composition can be interpreted as both phallic and yonic. This duality is also visible in the anthropomorphic figure with the head of an owl, which symbolizes masculinity, merged with the body of a female.The motif of mirror and symmetry is expanded to represent duality. Through these attempts to combine there opposing notions, I try to find balance.  

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